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Disputes or conflicts, whether they end in a court of law or not, increasingly depend on supporting the events, identifying the critical aspects and showing how they have occurred. Having useful, reliable, understandable and updated information may be crucial in case a legal process should be faced.

Our litigation support service comprises specialties which allow to cover different global aspects of a given case or ensure specific support to an ongoing process.

How do we do this?

Local and International Investigation

The interaction of global markets is dynamic and takes place in a way that events happening in a certain part of the world have impact on companies and businesses located in another part of the hemisphere. The international offices of G5 Integritas are based strategically to center our investigative capacities around Ibero-America. In addition, our multidisciplinary team of investigators, experts and other professionals develop customized solutions everywhere in the world.

Asset Location

The G5 Integritas team has worked on all sorts of cases related to the search and location of assets. On many opportunities, we have found complex structures presenting great geographical dispersion and, some other times, information is contained in documentation that, after proper analysis, reveals the necessary financial trails for asset location.

Antitrust Disputes

Worldwide new business opportunities bring both challenges and new risks as well, especially when there is not vital information about the conflicts that arise from the fulfillment of business activities in diverse jurisdictions. We assist clients that are likely to face antitrust disputes, by offering investigation and analysis services which include new market entry studies, merger effectiveness analyses, and investigations on regulations related to business practices.

Pre and Post-transactional Conflicts

Thanks to our investigative capacities, we are able to identify hidden events or red flag after the financial projections or forecasts derived from a business transaction, and detect collusion with third parties. The information helps our clients mitigate pre and post-transactional risks.

M&A / Hostile Takeovers

In order to help our clients take part in mergers and acquisitions, including hostile takeovers, G5 Integritas offers an ample range of investigative and analysis services which include a purchase-process assessment, prior reputational Due Diligence, and negative background searches.

Business Disputes

Any aspect of business may implicate a company in a legal dispute, such as: contract infringement, lack of professional standards (best practices)or a dispute over accounting books or financial statements. Irrespective of the reason, G5 Integritas makes a preliminary assessment of the events, assists in unveiling them, assesses the risk and provides key information so that our clients are successful in their claims.


Experts in the examination and objective analysis of certain circumstances ensure a correct assessment of the situation, which they may ratify in a court of law.  Our professionals have the required expertise for our clients or we may assist them in contacting the most appropriate court experts according to the jurisdiction involved or matter to be addressed.

Expert Investigators

Our investigators have over 25 years of experience conducting investigations in Latin America and are fluent in three languages, which turns them into excellent resources to carry out local investigations led by a corporate team or the client’s lawyers, or to be part of corporate investigative teams contributing the experience, knowledge and local language command where necessary.

FCPA Investigations

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was enacted in the US in 1977. It forbids US citizens and entities from bribing foreign government officials to benefit their business interests and establishes sanctions against bribery and corruption.  Our team of experts investigate into denunciations and internal corruption cases following the standards given by American regulators. We assist our clients in obtaining and assessing vital information in these cases, which will especially help them prevent and mitigate possible sanctions.

Fraud Investigations

We work to prevent, identify and mitigate risks associated with possible economic crimes, including fraud, corruption, insolvency, asset deviation or information theft. Preventing fraud is easier than detecting it. Thus, a preventive culture that assesses potential risks minimizes occurrence possibility. Investigating fraud and other economic crimes can not only mitigate economic losses but also protect our clients against the negative consequences derived from a possible reputational damage to an organization.

Litigation Support

We collaborate with lawyers in defining a judicial strategy, identifying key witnesses, gathering information about the parties and other involved subjects, holding interviews, assessing and tracking assets, performing expert examinations and collecting and preserving all the digital and electronic evidence.

Evidence Search and Witness Verification

The multidisciplinary team of G5 Integritas is composed of investigators, experts and professionals experienced in finding evidence and all sort of information of interest – in digital, electronic or paper format – anywhere in the world. Our services include recovering documents, investigating into events and holding interviews with key individuals.

Pre-litigation Intelligence or Litigation Intelligence

Judicial controversies are based on events and on the capacity to explain how events occurred. G5 Integritas can help you find and discover relevant information to be used in litigation. We assist you in collecting and preparing information for judicial processes or for pre-litigation negotiations. We use a specific methodology which helps us preserve evidence and protect its authenticity and value.

Intellectual Property Protection

Brand and product counterfeiting, patent infringement, piracy and contraband maneuvers are illicit activities with a negative economic impact on companies, especially if they are not detected in time. In order to prevent these types of actions which may possibly involve a crime against intellectual property, G5 Integritas identifies and locates possible product counterfeiters everywhere in the world. We work with the local authorities in a coordinated manner, thus obtaining the evidence required to stop this activity.


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