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Fraud , Corruption and other Enconomic Crimes 

We work to prevent, identify and mitigate risks associated with possible economic crimes, including fraud, corruption, insolvency, asset deviation or information theft. Preventing fraud is easier than detecting it.

A preventive culture that assesses potential risks minimizes occurrence possibility. Investigating these types of crimes not only seeks economic loss recovery but also client protection against the negative consequences derived from a possible reputational damage

How do we do that?

Corporate Investigations

Our investigations focus not only on determining the real scope of the reportedly irregular events within an organization and drafting a legal strategy accordingly, but also on mitigating the possible risk to the reputation of our clients. Investigations may encompass the following stages:

  • analysis of events presented.
  • design of an investigative strategy.
  • collection and preservation of electronic and documentary evidence.
  • interviews (employees, whistleblowers, etc.).
  • presentation of a final report with our conclusions.

Forensic Financial Analysis

Our team looks for, investigates and identifies fraud indicators and analyzes financial, accounting, administrative and legal information related to the activities of employees, related companies, suppliers, competitors, and third parties in general. We help prevent a possible financial loss to our clients, including the potential deviation of funds or assets of the company. Our services encompass the analysis and examination of financial statements, contracts, accounting entries and other relevant documentation.

Information Leak Investigation

Most companies – irrespective of their size – need to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their sensitive information in order to prevent it from reaching the hands of their competitors or third parties who may use it inadequately. The G5 Integritas team may work with the client on preventing incidents (internal or external attacks) and investigating the case and (human or technological) factors that facilitate information leaks. Our services include the identification of the subjects responsible for the leak and possible leak sources, an analysis of associated risks, and the development of policies and procedures aimed at detecting vulnerabilities and designing measures to prevent and/or mitigate possible information leaks.


Experts in the examination and objective analysis of certain circumstances ensure a correct assessment of the situation, which they may ratify in a court of law.

Our professionals have the required expertise for our clients or we may assist them in contacting the most appropriate court experts according to the jurisdiction involved or matter to be addressed.

Expert Investigators

Our investigators have over 25 years of experience conducting investigations in Latin America and are fluent in three languages, which turns them into excellent resources to carry out local investigations led by a corporate team or the client’s lawyers, or to be part of corporate investigative teams contributing their experience, knowledge and local language command where necessary.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Locating information contained in different electronic devices requires expertise and specific tools to identify, preserve, analyze and present evidence related to possible events of fraud, deviation and misappropriation. Even if some data may have been deleted, the use of technology sometimes helps recover them, keep their integrity and later process them adequately for conversion into digital evidence.

Unfair Competition

The G5 Integritas team identifies and analyzes unfair competition cases, dishonest conduct or business practices that take place in different ways. The identified and analyzed activities include price fixing, bid rigging, dumping maneuvers, monopolistic activities, predatory pricing, anticompetitive product and price bundling and tying.

Asset Location

The G5 Integritas team has worked on all sorts of cases related to the search and location of assets. On many opportunities, we have found complex structures presenting great geographical dispersion and, some other times, information is contained in documentation that, after proper analysis, reveals the necessary financial trails for asset location.


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