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Corporate Investigations

In a global scenario, companies face increasingly complex situations. We help our clients to investigate and identify fraud, corruption or irregular maneuvers schemes, at the same time that we help mitigate the consequences of said illicit acts, developing control and prevention programs as well as training programs for staff, in order to detect and prevent risks and vulnerabilities.

When a sensitive event occurs at the company level, the response must be fast, professional and planned, since the fact of exposing itself to unnecessary risks can expose the firm to negative economic effects or damage to reputation, which are very difficult to control if the problem is not addressed immediately.

How do we do it?

Local and International Investigation

The interaction of global markets is dynamic and takes place in a way that events happening in a certain part of the world have impact on companies and businesses located in another part of the hemisphere. The international offices of G5 Integritas are based strategically to center our investigative capacities around Ibero-America. In addition, our multidisciplinary team of investigators, experts and other professionals develop customized solutions everywhere in the world.

Antitrust Disputes

Worldwide new business opportunities bring both challenges and new risks as well, especially when there is not vital information about the conflicts that arise from the fulfillment of business activities in diverse jurisdictions. We assist clients that are likely to face antitrust disputes, by offering investigation and analysis services which include new market entry studies, merger effectiveness analyses, and investigations on regulations related to business practices.

Business Disputes

Any aspect of the business may implicate a company in a legal dispute, such as contract infringement, lack of professional standards (best practices) or a dispute over accounting books or financial statements. Irrespective of the reason, G5 Integritas makes a preliminary assessment of the events, assists in unveiling them, assesses the risk and provides key information so that our clients are successful in their claims.

FCPA Investigations

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was enacted in the US in 1977. It forbids US citizens and entities from bribing foreign government officials to benefit their business interests and establishes sanctions against bribery and corruption.  Our team of experts investigate into denunciations and internal corruption cases following the standards given by American regulators. We assist our clients in obtaining and assessing vital information in these cases, which will especially help them prevent and mitigate possible sanctions.

Fraud Investigations

We work to prevent, identify and mitigate risks associated with possible economic crimes, including fraud, corruption, insolvency, asset deviation or information theft. Preventing fraud is easier than detecting it. Thus, a preventive culture that assesses potential risks minimizes occurrence possibility. Investigating these types of crimes not only seeks economic loss recovery but also client protection against the negative consequences derived from the possible damage to a company’s reputation.

Investigation to Support Litigation

We collaborate with lawyers in defining a judicial strategy, identifying key witnesses, gathering information about the parties and other involved subjects, holding interviews, assessing and tracking assets, performing expert examinations and collecting and preserving all the digital and electronic evidence.

Expert Investigators

Our investigators have over 25 years of experience conducting investigations in Latin America and are fluent in three languages, which turns them into excellent resources to carry out local investigations led by a corporate team or the client’s lawyers, or to be part of corporate investigative teams contributing the experience, knowledge and local language command where necessary.

Reputational Due Diligence

The inadequate behavior of employees, executives and business partners may impact companies negatively in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary for them to know the profile, reputation and qualification of their key employees, strategic partners or related third parties (suppliers and specific contractors), both locally and internationally.

Business Due Diligence

We perform studies and market intelligence checks in the industry where the company operates in order to learn of the level of exposure to different risks – be they political, technological, environmental, cultural, structural, regulatory, contextual or related to security, bilateral relations or the informal economy.

Know Your Customer “KYC” Reports

We perform KYC Due Diligence throughout Latin America, helping banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, among other businesses, to effectively know their clients thus complying with the most relevant regulations on Anti-money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention. We design KYC reports tailored to each organization, their risks as well as their legal and compliance requirements. We gather and analyze relevant public information for each client, identifying associated Red Flags. The investigation performed by the G5 Integritas team allows our clients to make sure that their customers’ integrity verification has been carried out objectively by an independent third party.

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