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Competitive Intelligence

We work with innovative information analysis tools which depicts a practical and global panorama of the current market. The correct management of knowledge may benefit the current and future business environment. Having a highest strategic reaction capacity will allow you to achieve bigger competitive advantages.

The competitive intelligence approach is basedon the location, segmentation and analysis of a specific industry coordinated by the background of our professional experience. Business intelligence covers the analysis of precise information about individuals, companies, countries or specific markets. This information may be applied to any business situation requiring strategic planning. Analysis reports help, for example, learn about competitors’ activities, updated prices in different markets, specific types of products or services.

In addition, they provide another type of discreet and confidential information on the different instances of the business: what risks do my new partners represent?,who are the potential competitors in a given market?, what market share will I win with the acquisition of that company?, what are the affinity groups of that company?, what is the governmental regulation that applies to my company?, to what type of political or business risks is my business exposed?

How do we do that?

Competitive Benchmarking

We are able to develop different assessment frameworks to analyze the competitive costs of operations, the business capacities of a competitor and its possible future actions. We establish points of reference on the practices and costs of competing companies. We help our clients be prepared for the launching of products or services by their competitors. We develop methods and warning systems to monitor the activity of competitors, their services, products and market position. Our competitive benchmarking services allow our clients to anticipate the competitive challenges that they must face in the market.

Analysis of the Value Chain

Our supplier integrity and compliance analysis allows our clients to better understand their risks as well as their competitive advantages and disadvantages. We assess different legal, financial and reputational factorsaffecting competitive positioning, identify sustainable strategic advantages and specify the principal activity performance differences between our clients and their competitors.

Reputational Risk

The reputational risk may have serious consequences for an organization, which range from turnover losses to lost financial partners or new market opportunities or even close of business, especially in the case of small enterprises.

A professional investigation offers information about the illegal practices of a business, adverse situations resulting from misinformation processes, defamatory coverage by the media, etc.

Managing said information helps obtain strategic benefits, bringsreality to light leaving false understandings behind and allows to refute falsehoods, draft response strategies and assessthe implementation of preventive measures while recovering the trust of shareholders, regulators, the media and the public in general.

Transactional Risk

In general, a failed business transaction – irrespective of its size – brings about huge financial costs and invaluable time loss. In order to mitigate such risks, it necessary to carry out (reputational or financial) Due Diligence processes on future acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, etc.

These reports will provide useful and valuable information about the counterpart when it comes to its general background, compliance measures, transparency and ethics, compliance culture or integrity of management, etc.

KYC (Know your Customer)Reports

We perform KYC Due Diligence throughout Latin America, helping banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, among other businesses, to effectively know their clients thus complying with the most relevant regulations on Anti-money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention. We design KYC reports tailored to each organization, their risks as well as their legal and compliance requirements. We gather and analyze relevant public information for each client, identifying Red Flags associated to them. The G5 Integritas team’s investigation allows our clients to make sure that their customers’ integrity verification has been carried out objectively by an independent third party.

We follow-up the risks associated with suspected money laundering or terrorist financing transactions (AML and TFP audits).

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