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Reputational Due Diligence or Background Checks

Within the last few years, different cases have called people’s attention, both in Argentina and in the world, in connection with companies whose businesses or finances have been damaged due to their relationship with individuals or contacts of doubtful integrity.
Therefore, companies need timely information to help them know the reputation of and risks posed by third parties in order to develop strategies, maximize benefits and give transparency to their businesses.
G5 offers the Reputational Due Diligence service, which ensures timely information to assess a third party’s reputation. This service is focused on getting thorough information about the person, business or organization with which you intend to do business. Our report will allow you to get details of who they are, what their businesses are, their status, judicial, regulatory, financial and commercial background, and what their reputation in the local and/or regional market is.
We offer our vast experience in performing background investigations and furnishing reports tailored to our clients’ needs,in connection with both individuals and companies at a local, regional or international level.

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