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Diversity and inclusion in the company: the importance of people

Creating diversity in the workplace can benefit companies, but true diversity can only be achieved by creating a truly inclusive environment. Inclusion requires a genuine interest in others, developing an awareness of our differences, and learning the cultural skills necessary to support change.

For this, it takes a strong desire to learn and change before it is possible to begin to imagine and take steps toward a diverse workforce and society.

Diversity as a business result

Forming a diverse team within a company, whether due to diversity of age, gender, race, orientation, ability, religion, educational background or different personalities, is essential for success.

A workplace that celebrates diversity is one in which each team member is recognized, the ideas of each individual are heard, and a culture of respect and open communication is upheld. Thus, workers will notice considerable improvements in various aspects of their general well-being, physical health and determination, after actively participating in diversity and inclusion training.

Inclusion as a method

Just being a diverse team doesn’t mean that diversity magically exists. Diversity cannot be forced or produced; it must be a continuous process, which must be learned and practiced until it penetrates our own culture. Inclusion exists only from the moment each team member works daily to achieve it.

It is important to start with a combination of greater confidence in ourselves and a genuine interest in others, this will open us up to learn the cultural skills necessary to overcome those bad habits that cause inequality and exclusion.

The path to diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Change starts from within the organization. For external change to occur in the workplace, the strategic decision must first be made to pursue change with determination. With a strong interest and knowledge of the company’s staff, it will be possible to face situations that can be uncomfortable. This knowledge will allow you to approach these difficult conversations with an open mind.

In an inclusive environment, each person is comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings. The more we relate to and care about others, the more we will end up learning.

Inclusion cannot exist if we are not genuinely interested in the culture and experiences of others. Recognizing colleagues and employees as good workers and individuals is one of the most effective ways to increase commitment, loyalty, and morale.

Inclusion requires cultural awareness and competence

Choosing to change is only half the work to be done. Acquiring the skills necessary to implement the change is what will complete the process. This means expanding our cultural awareness, which is how we recognize and reflect on cultural differences. Being culturally aware allows us to interact and effectively manage colleagues and employees.

Through our interactions, we begin to understand the values ​​of others. Therefore, recognizing the differences and strengths among workers creates a respectful attitude and environment that provides security to each member of the team and allows us to be more competent in understanding how diversity affects all aspects of our life, respecting it.

Authentic inclusion leads to diversity

Being different is simply a state of the human being. We need to know ourselves, care about others, become aware of our differences, and develop the skills necessary to create an inclusive environment. This not only benefits companies, but its effects are spread throughout the world, enhancing diversity through inclusion at all levels of society.

Respect for the equal rights of all individuals in an organization, and the promotion of inclusion, are purposes that organizations committed to integrity cannot escape from, and corporate integrity programs are the starting point from which initiate progress towards conducting business with integrity practices.

At G5 Integritas, we can help your organization to draw up an Inclusion Policy, as well as to carry out a tailor-made Integrity Program for it. Contact us for more information through the e-mail info@g5integritaslatam.com, or by visiting our website www.g5integritaslatam.com

Equipo G5 Integritas Latam

Equipo G5 Integritas Latam

Equipo G5 Integritas Latam

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