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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a group of processes, activities and technological resources which can rapidly and precisely gather data both from the public sector and confidential sources for analysis and interpretation, so that they can be used to make effective decisions. As a result, the information turns into a key asset to direct the business strategy of a company.

At present, there are additional technological processes which have strengthened the intelligence analysis principle (e.g., data mining, real time data visualization, big data). These new tools and data infrastructure give rise to other professional practices, through which organizations may receive recommendations within short time periods so they can make decisions based on live and dynamic data.


How do we do that?


  • Definition of scope and objectives.
  • Search for large amounts of information.
  • Processing (digital data management tools).
  • Customized analysis of key information.
  • Customized report: useful and precise information to make decisions.
  • Support to clients in makingdecisions.


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