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Background Screenning

One of the critical challenges in the development of a business is to select the adequate people for the different functions, which is not just an assessment of their technical skills. Their reputation and background information are key to mitigating compliance risks for any organizations.
Conducting a Background Screening of the staff to be hired or a periodic assessment of an organization’s staff – specifically, the management staff or theemployees fulfilling functions of risk – is an essential tool for a company which intends to prevent and mitigate its reputational damage and reduce the costs associated to dismissals and/or possible litigation.
The G5 team drafts Background Checks reports about subjects placed anywhere in Latin America. Our trilingual teams (they speak Spanish, English and Portuguese) gather the necessary information from public sources and thoroughly analyze it ensuring valuable input on the basis of which our clients may make effective decisions.
These types of investigations make it possible to identify negative aspects relative to prior labor relationships, judicial issues, financial problems, conflicts of interest, and reputation.
We prepare our reports with the express consent and prior authorization of the applicant. We design customized solutions for our clients, adapting the complexity and thoroughness of our reports to the different profiles and to the position that must be filled.

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